Cultural Inclusion Program

The Cultural Inclusion Program for Nonprofit Boards addresses the fact that over 74% of Lawrence is Latino; however the overwhelming majority of the city’s nonprofit board members are white with minimal ties to the city. Yet, there is a growing wave of young, savvy “ethnic minority” professionals who have a rich understanding of the community and possess the necessary skills and passion to assume leadership roles on our nonprofit boards.

The Program Goals are to recruit, train, place, and engage new board members who have the professional skills needed by boards and reflect the culture of the community.

Our program emphasizes that diversity is more than a checkbox. Therefore our board trainings include facilitated dialogue on creating board cultures that are welcoming and inclusive, so that all have a voice at the table.

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Board placement involves a 3-phase process.

1. Preliminary Screening

"Ethnic Minority” recruits must:

Boards of participating nonprofits must:

2. Workshops on Board Governance and Inclusion

3. Board Matches
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Participation in our Cultural Inclusion Program is by application only. Call 978-604-8803 or email for more information.