Board Tune-Up

Our Board Tune-Up Services include Our Board Roles to Board Goals service pairs the nonprofit board with a trained facilitator who walks the board through a step-by-step process that capitalizes on the board member’s talents, gets board members working as a team to develop shared governance goals for the year, and focuses the board on their board duties.

The Board Roles to Board Goals process was authored by nonprofit consultant Jay W. Vogt of Peoplesworth.

“The bottom line in an organization is that if a board is not properly structured and does not understand its responsibilities, the organization can not do what it needs to do.” 
- Cheryl Taylor, Foellinger Foundation

4-Phase Process for Board Roles to Board Goals
1. Assess board health and match board with volunteer facilitator

Community InRoads

2. Develop an improvement plan

Our volunteer facilitator helps the board

3. Support implementation of plan 4. Evaluate
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