Our Beliefs and Mission

Community InRoads believes in the men, women and youth living in Lawrence and Haverhill, Massachusetts. While many of them struggle under adverse socio-economic conditions, we honor their talents and incredible determination to make better lives for themselves and the community. The cities' nonprofits are an important avenue toward helping its residents reach their fullest potential.

Our mission, which was inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King, is to partner with and support non-profits serving the Lawrence and Haverhill, Massachusetts area by providing them with pro bono, professional expertise. Our goal is to empower and contribute to the capacity and gifts of the women, men, and youth living, working, and studying in the community by fostering a sustainable network of effective non-profits dedicated to social justice and economic equality.

Our volunteers make it possible to provide our services at no cost to the non-profits. Most importantly, because they live, work, or have roots in the area, their commitment to Lawrence and Haverhill is a personal one.

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Projects range from a few hours to a few months and are customizable to our non-profits' needs.